Empower your Life with Inner Stillness & Yoga Nidra

NetworkSpiritualCare invites you to activate your self-healing during deep relaxation & Yogic Sleep. 

By accepting the challenge of the unknown and dissolving the fear of pain and death you invite inner growth, harmony, peace and compassion. Stillness is where healing and solutions to problems are found.

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The Power of Yoga 

Yogic wisdom takes the whole life of an individual into account and offers a path for total transformation: a transformation from a physical, mental and emotional limited human being into a perfectly harmonized being of permanent peace, compassion, wisdom and universal consciousness.

These teachings date back several 1000 of years and are universal, not bound to any faith tradition and invite questioning, experimenting, analysis and individual application – Yoga means unity and oneness of life and death.

Yoga Nidra offers a simple technique to heal your body and mind by entering a state of deep relaxation - a state of inner stillness. It is a powerful method not only to overcome insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and PTSD but to enhance your overall well-being and ability of problem solving.

Pain & Fear

How can you best prepare for dealing with a difficult situation?

Train with what you want most to avoid - physical and psychological pain, make use of any disturbance and turn it into a tool for inner growth. Learn to welcome it in a way that you can face and stay with it. Depending on your individual obstacles there are lots of tools to choose from.

In experiencing that you're more than your body and mind the pain and fear will transform as there is nothing left to cling to. That's when the quality of life changes and healing happens.

The Vision

Feeling light and unburdened, without fear but with the deep experience of being connected with life, family, nature and the sacred: in overcoming the denial of of a difficult situation - be it giving birth or the process of dying and letting go or sometimes both - our approach towards life as a whole will change. It is a call towards compassion within our society and towards spiritual growth. In fully understanding the gift of being present we come to get a glimpse of what may lie beyond our limited perception of human life. Some describe birth as well as death as the greatest orgasm there is - think of it in terms of letting go and coming back to the whole -  reunited.

Finding your own meaning in life and staying connected to the moment, your self, others, nature and the sacred.

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