Conscious Dying with Yogic Wisdom

January 27, 2016


 Patanjali, the composer of the 196 Yoga Sutras is believed to have lived between between 500 and 200 B.C., yet it is not sure if he was a single person or rather several persons using the same title. He did not invent Yoga as a discipline but rather systemised the already long before existing ideas and practices.

This Original Yoga System takes the whole life of an individual into account and therefore offers an individual path for total transformation. A transformation from a physical, mental and emotional limited human being into a perfectly harmonised being of permanent peace, compassion, wisdom and universal consciousness.

The teachings are universal, not bound to any faith tradition and invite questioning, experimenting, analysis and individual application – experienced scientific philosophy.

Imagine the book of the universe as  your mind and Yoga as a tool that prepares you to read it. The wisdom of the Yoga Sutras offers everything you could ever wanted to know about life, death and consciousness. Yoga itself is rooted in a process of physical and mental training that leads to the direct experience of realising the universal consciousness within yourself. This experience is accompanied by the growth of inner joy and peace.


If you are experiencing death as a loss of your body and a loss of your mind you easily can panic if you never have experienced yourself being something else behind the body-mind concept. It is very difficult to stay calm and balanced if you haven’t been preparing for this moment. But if you have been meditating you rather can use the experience of death to deepen your consciousness about life and to attain the highest consciousness possible- the union with the universal consciousness.

So how can you prepare for this moment? Train with what you want most to avoid – physical and psychological pain, make use of any disturbance and turn it into a tool for inner growth. Welcome it in a way that you can face and stay with it. This does not mean to hold on to it  but to accept what is happening in the moment with you. Your body or your mind experiences pain. This will make a huge difference because you are not the pain, rather it is something that you are experiencing within your body, something that has no permanent quality. Don’t try to forget it, just observe it, be with it. In doing so you’ll be in the observer stance and with it comes an experience of being separated from the pain. You are not the pain, not the body and not even the mind, you are the observer.


In facing the fact that your body and mind will have to die one day you are opening yourself for life, for the important things in life.

One of the most often asked questions in Buddhism is “Who am I?” - You can decide on which level of consciousness you want to answer this question. Who is answering? Get to know yourself while you have a body and mind that you can use as tools. That’s the real gift of life. Once you start looking deeper you’ll encounter a deep feeling of love and connectedness, this can only be experienced when you stay with that what you are not, it’s like opening a cocoon without having been aware that it was you who had been living in it for a long time. The deeper you go, the more aware you’ll become that you are connected with everything and with this comes the experience of being eternal life itself. Use your time carefully and go within and face yourself. Patanjali’s eight steps will prepare you to experience death as a gateway towards that what you really are.


Recommended readings:

-Feuerstein, Georg (1989): The Yoga – Sutra of Patanjali: a new translation and commentary, Vermont.

-Iyengar, B.K.S (2013): Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, London.

-Satchidananda, Swami (1990): The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Buckingham










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Conscious Dying with Yogic Wisdom

January 27, 2016

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